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Coaching expatriate spouses

Step Ahead Consulting’s expatriate coaching caters primarily to spouses of expatriate managers moving to France, with the aim of helping them define and achieve professional objectives in France.

Step Ahead Consulting provides coaching, HR consultancy, networking and facilitation dedicated to professional development, i.e., mobility, career transition, project development, business development, job search, etc.

We currently work with executives, managers and leaders and specialise in the field of media and entertainment.

Step Ahead Consulting has formed partnerships with key professionals, amongst which, recruiters, head-hunters, trainers and coaches; all are highly trained, with a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise in leadership and performance optimisation.  We all share a common set of values which include passion, energy, results focus and an unwavering commitment to enable our clients to thrive and achieve outstanding personal and professional success.

Description of Services

  • Definition of your professional objectives
    In the first instance we will assist you in setting your overall professional goals whether long run (your ultimate objective so far) or short run. In order to identify and clarify said objectives, we will help you identify your key skills, talents, passions, values, vision through your personal story, professional trajectory as well as achievements and successes. With these elements, we can help you define your professional project in France.
  • Action plan
    We will work on your strategy, helping you identifying companies as well as organisations you may want to target in the context of your professional project. We will support you in building an action plan with a timeline and milestones.
  • Job search & tools
    We will assist you and prepare you for your job search. Our services include: CV preparation/revision/optimisation, cover letters, company/job ad targeting, personal branding (including web communication, social media such as LinkedIn and other networks).
  • Networking
    Networking and awareness of how to use your existing networks are also areas we will assist you in.
  • Interviews, recruitment & culture
    We will also focus on job interviews and work on best practices and culture so as to help you understand codes and recruitment processes in France. We will assist you in building your personal presentation and in preparing for objections in order to optimise chances of success with recruiters. We will also help you with motivation, dynamics and stress management.
  • Finally we will offer regular debriefs in the form of coaching sessions as part of the achievement and the follow up of the action plan


Coaching expatriate managers

As part of our services we also propose coaching sessions for managers expatriated to France to help them:

  • Reflect on performance and professional goals
  • Clarify priorities and objectives
  • Optimise integration in their everyday life
  • Deal with cultural gaps, codes and issues
  • Apprehend leadership in groups based on their role in France
  • Increase awareness and flexibility

Coaching costs – Chemistry meeting

Coaching sessions are tailored to fit your needs and objectives.  An initial ‘chemistry meeting’ is free of charge and may take place on Skype or Face Time if you are not in France. The aim is to clarify goals, methodology and verify compatibility between coach and coachee.


English, Spanish.

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